BIG HILL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICE believes in the synergy of technological innovation with the pragmatism and discipline acquired from real world endeavors. Our strength is our commitment to leave no stone unturned in discerning the customer’s needs and complexities and formulating an efficient approach and applying appropriate processes and tools.

We assist our customers right from concept to choose and apply the various techniques and practices that could maximize value. Depending upon whether the project entails CAD drafting / CAD detailing or 3D BIM modelling for architectural or MEP domains, the processes and tools are optimized and adapted to the feedback from various pertinent sources.

We strive to build our teams with talented and passionate personnel across various disciplines and skills with international experience in various industries, tools / platforms, andvarious industries, tools / platforms, and methodologies. We equip them with state-of-the-art facilities and a nurturing environment that promotes innovation and efficiency.

BIG HILL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICE is committed in ensuring customer satisfaction through high quality and timely delivery, can help organizations emerge as leaders. Our partners will always receive our indefatigable support in their journey to success.


To Provide Services of Exceptional Quality in the Digital and Design Domains for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industries by Synergizing Creativity, Commitment and Innovation.


To Be the Pioneer in harnessing the waves of innovation to generate advanced, collaborative, effective and efficient deliverables for the AEC industry.

Core Values

1 – Integrity

We Hold Ethical Conduct and Honesty as the Foundation of Our Work and Vow to Always Adhere to the Laws and Regulations in Letter and Spirit.

2 – Commitment

We place adherence to the promises made ahead of our own interests and devote our full energies to realize the customer goal.

3 – Teamwork

We value a collaborative environment within our teams, customers and partners to scale new heights of excellence.

4 – Innovation

We aim to motivate and inspire innovation in process and technology to break new grounds on quality and efficiency.